Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Institute of Management Consultants & Trainers of Jordan (IMC-Jordan), believing in the importance of management consulting and in the necessity of upgrading the standards of the profession, hereby declare that we commit ourselves to the following code of ethics:


1-1 Confidentiality

We will keep client information confidential and will not use them for personal purposes or allow others to do so.

1-2 Servicing Clients

We will serve our clients with integrity, competence and objectivity.

1-3 Conflicts of Interest

We will not allow any conflict of interest that would provide a competitive advantage to a client through our use of confidential information from another client who is a direct competitor without that competitor’s permission.

1-4 Recruiting

We will not recruit employees of a client or assist them in getting employment anywhere else without prior consulting with the client.


2-1 Qualifications

We will not engage in any consulting assignment unless we are qualified to perform it based upon our experience and competence.

2-2 Contracts

We will make sure that the objectives, scope of work, work plan, the professional fees and payment arrangements have all been agreed upon with the client in writing before commencing the execution of any consulting assignment.

2-3 Expectations

Based upon our honesty and objectivity, we will refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations or guarantee specific results to clients that might arise from our management consulting services.

2-4 Objectivity

We will immediately inform our clients of any influences on our objectivity and integrity and will offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when they are impaired.

2-5 Coordination with Others

We will not engage in any consulting assignment with clients if there are other management consulting firms or individuals working with those clients, without prior consultation with them and ensuring that there is no conflict between the concerned parties.


3-1 Quality

We will conduct any consulting assignment with professionalism and high quality commensurate with specialization, experience, expertise and gained knowledge.

3-2 Guidance for Implementation Purposes

We will educate and guide client staff regarding the principles, techniques and methodologies adopted in conducting an assignment, to assist them in implementing the proposed solutions successfully.

3-3 Documentation

We will document all reports submitted to clients, to maintain continuity of understanding of their problems and the solutions that have been designed for them in order to refer to them when needed.

3-4 Review of Other Work

We will review the work done by other consulting firms or individuals for the same client without issuing any judgmental remarks on the standard of the work being reviewed.

3-5 Commitment

We will commit ourselves to the agreed - upon scope of work and conditions.


4-1 Fees

We will charge reasonable fees that are commensurate with the services we deliver, the responsibility we shoulder and the time we spend.

4-2 Commissions

We will not accept any commissions, fees or remunerations from other parties in connection with any recommendation to a client to buy equipment, materials or services as a result of our consulting assignment.


5-1 Advertising the Services

We will not advertise our services in a deceptive or exaggerated manner or in any other way that may impair the integrity of the profession of management consulting.

5-2 Property Rights

We will protect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms and individuals and will not use their proprietary information or methodologies without their permission .

5-3 Professionalism

We will maintain a fully professional standard in our dealings with clients, the public and fellow consultants.

5-4 Cooperation and Professional Development

We will assist our fellow consultants in developing their capabilities, support them in practicing the code of ethics of the profession and cooperate with them in a constructive manner. We will strive for our professional development by continually improving our knowledge, skills and techniques and exert efforts for the advancement of the management consulting profession.

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