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IMC-Jordans Classification System

IMC-Jordans Classification System is developed to categorize the offerings of management consultants and trainers. Our system serves as a Business to Business (B2B) data bank that provides a summary of subject matter capabilities and attains local, regional, and international visibility.


About IMC-Jordan

IMC-Jordan, established in 1995, is a private not-for-profit association concerned with organizing and upgrading the management consulting and training professions,
training of management consultants, and certifying eligible members to the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

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ورشة إطلاق استراتيجية جمعية المستشارين والمدربين الإداريين للأعوام 2019-2022
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اللقاء مع السيد عمران التلاوي رئيس جمعية مدققي الحسابات
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اجتماع مع الدكتور رياض الهنداوي مدير معهد الدراسات المصرفية في الاردن

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