Q4 Training Plan

A Workshop for Professionals

Management Consulting

Management Consulting is a growing profession with a great impact on economy and society. This workshop deals with issues related to the organization and development of the management consulting skills.

The workshop will cover the following issues:

  • Introduction to Management Consulting.
  • Identification of prospective clients.
  • Structuring and marketing of successful proposals.
  • Preparation of contracts and agreements.
  • Managing client relationships.
  • Understanding and implementing the Code of Ethics.
  • This workshop is a prerequisite for those interested in obtaining the worldwide respected CMC designation.


Customer Care-CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Flexible and powerful, the Value-Centered Customer Service Workshop has improved customer service and reduced training time for key companies. Typically one day in length and customized for each client, the workshop focuses on skills, attitudes and values necessary for excellent customer service in the client's environment from Total Quality Management perspective. Each participant receives feedback on strengths and blocks, and practices key customer service techniques in a highly interactive setting.


Change Management

In today's economy, the cost of staying where you are is by far greater than the cost of change”. If your business is not fast and adaptable, it is vulnerable. This is true for every segment of every business in every country in the world.

Learn about change management, and increase the likelihood of success in managing the human variables associated with major change. 80% of projects fail due to “human” variables. Master the ins and outs during the change process and the transition phase, and gain the ability to predict, expect, and be prepared for your task-force possible reactions to the change before they occur.


Business Risk Management

As the finance function shifts focus from control to decision support, how can you be sure of anticipating risks? Looking beyond traditional financial methodologies, this workshop explores all types of risks across all business processes, impact on shareholder value. Learn how focusing on risk materiality, rather than source, lets finance professionals support strategies decisions. Different experiences in treasury risk management illustrate techniques for evaluating risks within an integrated framework.


Train the Trainer

Communication Interpersonal Skills

 Statistics show that : 

  • A lack of effective communication skills is the biggest obstacle to building productive careers, developing satisfying personal relationships, and enjoying a rewarding social life.
  • The biggest cause of relationship breakup is ineffective communication.
  • Companies may hire people for their technical ability but to get promoted they must be able to communicate effectively.
  • Over 80% of damaging stress is triggered by ineffective communication.

Our Person-To-Person workshop can help you develop, and effectively use the communication skills you need.


Sales Techniques

Laws for Selling in a Challenging Market

Before the Industrial Revolution, goods were made to individual customer requirements and the relationship was personalized. A craftsman was able to make recommendations bearing in mind the tastes of the recipient and the intended use for the product. As he had a restricted clientele and staff, he could retain all this information in his head.

Customer loyalty has plummeted with the increase in the range of goods: freedom of choice, independence and lack of loyalty are progressively replacing the traditional vision of customer loyalty. From now on, it will not be the product, which is rare, but the customer! When you have one, you must keep him. The market is challenging. It doesn't mean you have to fear it. Just adhere to the laws, and you will master all the sales techniques needed.



The Global Approach

In the hyper speed age of the Internet, companies are going more and more into globalization. Purchasing professionals should evolve in the way they consider their purchasing strategies and methods; their roles are broadening to include international purchasing and take advantage of the world wide web and the new era of e-commerce."

From negotiation issues such as culture, currency, customs, duties and trade agreements to new age strategies, "purchasing the global approach" gives buyers the exact tools to "shop the world" for the best suppliers available anywhere.

This one-day seminar will give buyers a quick know-how in predicting and overcoming globalization challenges and will tackle important issues. Buyers will gain the competitive edge to use the world as their market.



Management Information Systems

The Information and Data Management workshop supports research fundamentals to the design, implementation, development, management, and use of databases, information retrieval, and knowledge-based systems. Topics include data, metadata, information and knowledge modeling; information organization and information process management; information access and knowledge discovery/data mining in distributed heterogeneous systems; system architecture and implementation; and evolutionary system development and administration; for enhancement of conventional databases, scientific databases, multimedia information systems, digital libraries, knowledge discovery and expert systems.



Finding Great Ideas

The future belongs to those who create it!

Most of us wish we were more creative. We may dream of someday inventing an amazing new product, directing a movie, painting a masterpiece, creating a new company. The good news is that increasing your creativity is truly possible. You can achieve far beyond what you had previously imagined or dreamed. A creative life brings enjoyment and enrichment to you and everyone you meet. Creativity helps you solve specific problems in your business, community or your country at large.

Creative people are the ones who get ahead in their jobs, start new businesses, invent products, design homes, paint pictures, and make things of beauty.

Whether you are a junior executive in a bank, a software programmer, a mother raising a family, an industrialist researcher, an artist, this seminar will help you stimulate and enhance your creativity and find new ideas. You will learn how you can expand your creativity, refine it and make it a more integral part of your life, and how to find the inspiration for your next project.


Data Warehousing

Information Technology is dramatically reshaping the business landscape. Young organizations are grabbing market share and mind share from established players. They're exploiting powerful new technologies to target, acquire, and retain customers. They have been able to leverage information for strategic advantage.

Data Warehousing is the process of integrating existing enterprise-wide data into a single repository in order to organize it and deliver it to decision makers across the enterprise. It is a key business requirement to every information consumer involved in business decision.


Other Workshops

  • Certified Manager Program (CM)
  • Total Quality Management
  • 6-SIGMA
  • The New Quality Manager
  • Business Planning
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Human Resources Management
  • Stress and Pressure Management
  • Technical Writing/ Business Writing
  • Supervision and Leadership
  • Teamwork / Collaboration Skills
  • Communication and Customer Care
  • Marketing Skills
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Retail Selling
  • Conferences and Meetings Management
  • Effective Management Skills


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