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IMC-Jordan, established in 1995, is a private not-for-profit association concerned with organizing and upgrading the management consulting and training professions, training of management consultants, and certifying eligible members to the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

Services Policy

IMC-Jordan is both a demand and market driven association. The services developed have to correspond to clearly identified member needs and also to market needs
in relation to the consulting and training professions. Member satisfaction has to be measured for all individual activities, and globally on a yearly basis.
Local market perception of the consulting and training professions has also to be monitored in order to plan and adjust services accordingly.

A Member of ICMCI

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) is a world body established to promote cooperation and coordination between the various IMC's of the world. ICMCI stipulates that all members should have their Code of Ethics which is necessary for certification to the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) designation. ICMCI holds annual and biannual conferences where members discuss all aspects of enhancing the profession of management consulting.

By joining ICMCI, IMC-Jordan got recognition for its CMC certification program.


In accordance with its charter, IMC-Jordan was established to achieve the following:

1. To raise the standards of the profession of management consultation, training and management development, to raise the awareness of the role thereof and to lay down the bases necessary for ensuring the proper performance thereof, as well as to modernize and develop the practices thereof in conformity with modern conceptions.

2. To organize the practice of management consultation and training, develop its skills, qualify management consultants and trainers in accordance with international standards, provide proper training thereto, protect their interests, defend their rights and strengthen relations and the spirit of cooperation among them with a view to enhance their competitive abilities inside and outside Jordan.

3. To work toward developing the culture of training, specifying training and trainers standards and make known the importance of training in development through establishing a qualified network of trainers and training institutions in conformity with the highest standards.


IMC-Jordan is supposed to accomplish its goals through the following means:

  • Specialized training courses and seminars,
  • Cooperative activities carried out by members which help collaboration among them for their own benefit and that of the professions,
  • Lectures on various aspects of management consulting and training given by specialized experts,
  • Co-organize related activities with similar regional and international organizations.
  • Publish a directory of management consulting firms, individual consultants, and professional trainers,
  • Establish cooperative relationships and information exchange with concerned parties,
  • Join the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes and cooperate with well-known IMCs of different countries.

IMC-Jordan Resources

Financial resources of IMC-Jordan consist primarily of membership and subscription fees, donations, grants and assistance in accordance with the law, in addition to other resources approved by the Board of Directors.

International Relations

IMC-Jordan believes in the importance of international cooperation. Its first step in this regard was to become a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) thus availing its members further opportunities of exposure to new trends and practices of management consulting.

Also, IMC-Jordan partnered with The Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) - the world’s largest certifying organization for the management profession to provide the local and regional markets with the Certified Manager (CM) designation. IMC-Jordan Trainers were certified and approved by ICPM.

In 2006 IMC-Jordan partnered with the Institute for Financial Analysts (IFA-Lebanon) to deliver the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) program in Jordan. IFA -Lebanon in exclusive partner of the International Association of Consultants Valuers and Analysts (IACVA) in the Middle East.

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To achieve excellence in management consulting and training for the best interest of its clients, consultants and trainers in order to contribute to the development of Jordanian economy.

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IMC-Jordan is a private not-for-profit professional association that aims to effectively represent, promote, and advance the Jordanian management consulting profession and training professionals to the best interest of their clients in Jordan and abroad, through various activities including certification programs, training, networking, regulating, establishing standards, guidance and creating database.

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IMC-Jordan's strategic objectives to meet this mission are:

  • To be the reference body to license, and guide the management consulting profession and professionals in Jordan.
  • To represent the members of IMC-Jordan locally, regionally and internationally.
  • To promote the Jordanian management consulting sector and its consultants and trainers locally, regionally and internationally.
  • To enhance the professional standards and upgrade the skills of members and professionals.
  • To provide proper and adequate services to members that will be reflected in their future career and practical assignments with their clients.
  • To promote the IMC-Jordan to provide services to other neighboring countries.
  • To cover a wider range of management consulting institutions, consultants, trainers and other related professionals.
  • To develop the IMC-Jordan towards self-sustainability.
  • To promote consulting, training and the association best practices.

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Organizational Setup

IMC-Jordan consists of two main bodies

A. The general assembly comprises all full members of (IMC-Jordan), it elects the board of directors, reviews the annual financial administrative report presented by the Board, reviews the estimated budget, appoints the auditors of the IMC-Jordan accounts and discusses other subjects presented by the board of directors.

B. The board of directors consists of seven members elected by the general assembly for the tenure of three years. The board, in its first meeting elects a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and secretary general from among its members. It also appoints the executive director and all other employees of IMC-Jordan.

The board of directors is entrusted with running all activities and administrative affairs of IMC-Jordan including representing it at official circles and in court. It draws the annual work plan of the institute and ensures its execution. Moreover, it prepares an annual report about the institute´s activities and administrative and financial affairs to be presented to the general assembly.

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There are Six specialized committees operating within the framework of IMC-Jordan.
These committees aim at enhancing the Institute's activities and engaging the members in executing its functions and providing its services.

These committees are:

  • Activities and Resource Development Committee.
  • Media and Public Relations Committee.
  • Certification and Business Ethics Committee.
  • Training Development Committee.
  • Membership Committee.
  • Organization and Business Development Committee.

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Board Members

  • Mr. Jafer Al-Shaer - Chairman.
  • Ms. Rana Kilani - Vice-Chairman.
  • Mr. Osama Ayyash - Treasurer.
  • Mr. Salim Armali - Board Member.
  • Mr. Mazin Rihan - Board Member.
  • Mr. Nader Al Shawa- Board Member.
  • Mr. Tarek Abu Beida - Board Member.

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Why IMC-Jordan

Relations and Reputation

  • Well established links / relationships with local and foreign agencies.
  • A well considered reputation and image.

National & International Recognition

  • IMC-Jordan is recognized as a significant national institute.
  • Main participant in the development and presentation of Jordan Vision 2020.
  • The only member of ICMCI in Jordan.

Regional recognition

  • Provision of professional support to regional associations.
  • The only accredited IMC in the Arab World.
  • The only MCs professional organization in the region / Arab world.


  • The only place to provide certification (CMC) in the region / Arab world.
  • Issued certification for consultants in Jordan.
  • Participated in certification process of consultants in the region.


  • Include distinguished and notable members.
  • Diversity of experience of consultants.



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