Ten main groups of services have been identified. The ambition is to gradually develop all of these services. Their implementation has however been Prioritized, to ensure a proper focus.

The services are briefly described below:

1. Regulation & Standardization

Establishing standards and regulations for the management consulting profession is one of the main aims behind the establishment of the IMC-Jordan.

A Body of Knowledge and Best Practices will be implemented and conveyed to all known management consultants and trainers to follow them, and to consultancy Purchasers to assist them when engaging consultants and trainers. Regulation of the profession will be pursued, initially by introducing a classification System.

2. Certification

Certification of members to become Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) or Accredited Trainers is also one of the main activities of the IMC-Jordan. An internationally approved certification process, which is transparent and known to all local consultants, is used in order to attract them for certification. Certification of trainers is another service that will be provided by the IMC-Jordan. Other certifications as seen necessary will be introduced.

3. Training

The IMC-Jordan wants to offer high quality training that is complementary to those offered by other organizations. Subjects will be based on member and market Needs and exclusively concentrate on issues directly linked to management consulting and training. Pricing will be based on market prices, with a strong Discount for members. The objective is to manage training as a business unit generating the main revenue for the institute.

4. Classification

This service is developed to categorize the offerings of management consultants and trainers. Our system serves as a Business-to-Business (B2B) databank that provides a summary of subject matter capabilities and attains local, regional, and international visibility.

5. Networking

This is an essential activity of the IMC-Jordan, and it remains a priority. IMC-Jordan will develop a full range of networking and partner search services With other international institutes, consultants, trainers and consulting/training firms covering all types of partnerships and specializations.

6. Advocacy

Representing the interests of the management consultants in Jordan is a core objective of the IMC-Jordan. Traditional lobbying activities will be developed To cover this objective, which will be done in close coordination with other representative business associate

7. Information Services

The IMC-Jordan wants to add value to its existing information services. A variety of media will be used to pass on information to members including Newsletters, website, awareness raising seminars, monthly dinner with a speaker, etc. Most of the information services will be free to members or highly subsidized. A database will be created and continuously updated to include members' information.

8. Discount Services

It is the purpose to develop discount opportunities for members such as joint purchasing of equipment and services.

9. Advisory Services

It is the purpose to gradually develop advisory services to members. Advisory services can be for a single member, or for a group of members. The capacity to develop these services will be built up by recruiting staff that has the capacity to deliver the service. Fees would be charged for some of these services.

10. Business Promotion

Various initiatives will be developed to facilitate business connections. This will include the organization of consultant's missions and conferences, preferably in cooperation with complementary Jordanian associations. Pricing will be set in a way that the IMC-Jordan recuperates all its costs linked to these services. The Institute also offers a referral service for which members who bid successfully will pay a commission based on fees earned in the contract.

11. Social Activities

Although IMC-Jordan's mission is profession oriented, it is the intention to develop or actively support activities linked to strengthening social relations between all management consultants and trainers in Jordan.


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