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ARIS Express: "Get Started with Process Modeling for Everyone" - Available Worldwide Free of Charge as of September 9

ARIS Express from IDS Scheer focuses on occasional users and Business Process Management novices to offer “Process modeling for everyone”
Saarbruecken, September 9, 2009
With the release of the first version of ARIS Express, IDS Scheer continues to deliver on its promise — as announced in the spring of this year— of making Business Process Management accessible to everyone in the enterprise, not just experts. The primary objective is to embed the BPM approach throughout the organization. ARIS Express is aimed at beginners to process modeling and occasional users, as well as universities and students. The modeling software is being offered as a clear alternative to established corporate drawing tools, such as MS Visio and MS PowerPoint.
ARIS Express can be downloaded free of charge from the ARIS Community site (http://www.ariscommunity.com/aris-express).
ARIS Express is a free tool for getting started with ARIS and is ideally suited for BPM beginners. The simple, innovative modeling interface enables instant results.
The beta test of the product involved up to 1,000 ARIS Community (www.ariscommunity.com) testers and proved highly successful. Users can upload models directly from ARIS Express into the ARIS Community, where the new product and the models created with it generated considerable interest ahead of the official release.
The release is also important for users of the professional ARIS products, such as ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer, since it offers a preview of the new user interface and innovative new modeling functions. Existing customers of professional ARIS products will receive the new functionality via a free service release at the end of 2009. ARIS Express users can upgrade to the professional ARIS Platform products whenever their Business Process Management activities call for more sophisticated functionality, such as multiuser capability, repository support, method configuration, simulation/analysis procedures, etc.
“We’re proud to have teamed with the demanding global BPM community to develop a product that is ideally suited for anyone looking to get started with business process modeling. Everyone is welcome to experience ARIS Express and share their experiences within the ARIS Community. ARIS Express from IDS Scheer is the most powerful free BPM tool available,” says Dr. Wolfram Jost, Member of the IDS Scheer Executive Board with responsibility for the worldwide Product Strategy and Development.

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