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IMC-Jordan's Trade Mission to Oman

Muscat- Oman
Start: 1/10/2011 - : All Day
End: 4/10/2011 - : All Day

IMC-Jordan gladly announces its first trade mission ever, and the destination is Muscat – Oman. This mission is directed towards expanding your business channels and opportunities in all Omani sectors, capitalizing on business integration.
We hereby invite the management consulting and training community to participate in the upcoming trade mission. This comes as part of our continuous efforts to ensure the growth of our members and thereof the growth of the sector by providing services that meets the needs of our valued members.
The Trade Mission will be an important opportunity for all to participate in spreading the outreach of the Jordanian management consulting and training sector to the Arab region. The delegates of the mission will be part of an open workshop that will be held under the patronage of His Excellency the Chairman of the Omani Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as pre-scheduled B2B meetings that will be arranged for members of the delegation that will be held at the Omani Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The direct objectives of the mission are:
ü        Promote Public and Private Partnerships
ü        Introduce Jordan’s management consulting and training sector to promising markets
ü        Promote and present members and their services to the Omani market
ü        Establish and facilitate business channels with related counterparts
This Trade Mission is an opportunity for our consultants and trainers to:
ü        Network with business people and public figures in Oman
ü        Engage in one-to-one meetings with business people from the private sector in Oman
ü        Meet related counterparts from the mentioned country
Gathering professionals together will be an excellent networking opportunity for the consulting community to create business integration, take stock of the needs and requirements of the Omani market, and get introduced as part of a well-established, internationally reputable community.
Attached you will find the following:
1.         The Trade Mission Catalogue
2.         The Trade Mission Registration Form in Word format
3.         The Trade Mission Profile Form
Registrations are expected to include filled out registration and profile forms as well as payment in accordance to the specified deadlines highlighted in the catalogue. Registrations that are missing any of the afore mentioned are considered not confirmed.
For more information or assistance please contact:
1.      Project coordinator: Yazan Alkayali
2.      Project manager: Reema Nasser
Hoping to always serve our community to the best of our capacity.

userfiles/Trade Mission - Profiles Form(1).docx

userfiles/Trade Mission Catalogue-final(2).pdf

userfiles/Trade Mission-Registration Form(1).docx

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