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The Effect of Employee Involvement Practices On Service Quality


This study has two objectives: to examine the effect of employee involvement practices on service quality on Royal Jordanian (RJ) Airlines, and to examine the effect of employees' demographic characteristics on the relationship between employee involvement and service quality in RJ.


In order to accomplish the objectives of the study, two questionnaires were designed. The first questionnaire was for the RJ employees, in order to identify the level of their involvement. The second questionnaire was for the RJ passengers in order to identify the quality of service provided to them.


The study reached the following results: First, employee involvement practices (Information sharing, Training, Rewarding, and Power sharing) are low applicable to RJ employees with different levels. Second, there is a weak positive relationship between employee involvement practices and service quality. Third, there are no unique contributions according to the demographic variables (Age, Gender, Education attainment, and Job experience) on the relationship between employee involvement and service quality. Fourth, the passengers of RJ have perceived a high level of quality services provided by RJ.

According to the above mentioned results, the study recommended the following:

First: RJ is recommended to show more interest towards employee involvement practices.

Second: RJ has to give more concentration on the quality of service especially about the dimension of reliability.

Third: Future studies should take into consideration more up-to-date practices related to employee involvement. Additionally, they have to examine other independent variables rather than employee involvement and their effect on service quality.

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