Management Consulting " A Workshop For Professionals"

Start: 4/12/2011 - 4:0 PM
End: 7/12/2011 - 4:0 PM
Workshop Highlights
Management Consulting is a growing profession with a great impact on economy and society. This workshop deals with issues related to the organization and development of the management consulting skills. This workshop is a prerequisite for those who are interested in obtaining the worldwide respected Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.
Workshop Contents 
·    Introducing Consulting.
·    Identifying & Marketing To Prospective Clients.
·    Structuring & Marketing Proposals.
·    Contracting & Agreements.
·    Managing Client Engagements.
·    Performing Client Engagements.
·    Managing Clients Relationship.
·    Communication.
·    Ethical Issues.
·    Other Issues.
Target Audience
·    Management consultants.
·    Those interested in obtaining the worldwide respected designation.
·    Members of IMC-Jordan.
·    The business community members who are willing and would like to understand the management consulting profession.
Empowering attendees with the knowledge and know-how, mainly the professionalism of the code of conduct, ethical standards and the development of one's skills, knowledge and behaviors through active participation in continuing professional development. Also, another main objective of the workshop is the preparation for the CMC designation.
     Trainer Profile 
Dr. Maqbouleh Hammoudehholds a PHD in Quality and Organizational Development, and MSc in Transformation Management, UK, and has extensive experience in several fields.
Dr. Hammoudeh conducted numerous studies in the areas of planning and training in addition to her extensive experience in management consulting.
Dr. Hammoudeh is also the General Manager of Team International for more than twenty years.
More Details
·         Workshop Language: Material – English, Presentation- Bi-Lingual
·         Duration                        : Four Days, 4:00pm –8:00pm, December 4–7, 2011
·         Venue                            : To Be Advised
·         Member Fees                : JD 240
·         Non-Member Fees        : JD 360
·         Last Date Registration: November 28th , 2011