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Dajani Consulting TVET Newsletter: April 2009

Reforming TVET Sector in Iraq
The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and system in Iraq have suffered substantially during the years of war and conflicts. However, Iraq now is heading towards stability and order, and as part of the reform projects, UNESCO is supporting the reconstruction and rehabilitation of TVET facilities in Iraq.
One of the important aspects in the reform process is to modernize and revamp the TVET system in order to respond to the new social and economic development. Funded by UNESCO, a series of specialized workshops were held in Amman by Dajani Consulting to develop a TVET Governance model for Iraq. Three Jordanian and international trainers collaborated in designing and facilitating the workshops that were attended by senior staff and key personnel from the governmental institutions responsible for TVET in Iraq.
The resulting governance model is expected to be adopted by the Central Government of Iraq, and implemented over a three year period. The main highlights of the TVET governance model include strategy, organization structure, performance management and quality assurance.
Assessing the Vocational Training Needs in Iraq
The consequences of war and political instability are clearly evident in the form of internally displaced Iraqis, whom in fear of their lives, fled to safer areas in Iraq. These refugees usually lack the basic life necessities, due to poverty and unemployment.
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian organization that supports this segment of the community in many governorates of Iraq. Recently, Dajani Consulting was involved in a mission to Dahouk governorate in Northern Iraq, to assess the vocational training needs of the internally displaced and war refugees, for the purpose of assessing then recommending technical and occupational training programs and resources that could be implemented to rehabilitate this segment, and provide them with demanded skills in the labor market.
Furthermore, a trainer from Dajani Consulting delivered a training workshop for income-generating officers of DRC in Dahouk. on the training focused on selecting, evaluating, and studying the feasibility of micro enterprises and small projects for qualified beneficiaries  or those who have received vocational training, in order to establish their own projects assisted by grants from DRC
Employment and TVET Challenges in Jordan

 Jordan is characterized by a high unemployment rate, particularly among women. Though numerous job opportunities are available in the market, Jordanians consider these jobs unattractive or poorly rewarding. To overcome this dilemma, a new Employment-TVET Council was formed under the umbrella of Ministry of Labor. The mission of the E-TVET Council is to coordinate between all national TVET agencies, and link the private sector labor demand with the design and delivery of vocational education and training, in terms of occupations and practical skills. Dajani Consulting established contacts with the Ministry of Labor in order to cooperate with this Council in the field of labor market demand studies and skill gap assessment, as one of its major service areas.  
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