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CVA Training Course By IMC-Jordan Ends


IMC-Jordan conducts a Certified Valuation Analyst Training Course as a pre-requisite for the CVA Certificate.  

(Amman-Jordan- October 2008) – IMC-Jordan, in cooperation with the Institute of Financial Analysts (IFA) in Lebanon, conducted a training course that is considered as a prerequisite for the Certified Valuation Analyst Certificate. The CVA program is supervised by the International Association for Certified Valuation Analysts (IACVA).  IMC-Jordan is the only party in Jordan authorized to chair such a course which was held at the Bristol Hotel during the period 11-18 October 2008.


The importance of such a certificate is to valuate companies in the Arab region in light of the increased market demand for such valuation for the purpose of sale, privatization, etc. IMC-Jordan held several prior courses for the CVA Certification to meet the growing market demand for individuals with the highest valuation skills and to increase proficiency in this field.


14 persons from different sectors in Jordan have participated in this course, whose reaction indicated the benefits they gained from the course.  Ms. Nadia Iwies commented "I have enjoyed this course so much because of the topics discussed, the modern methods presented in addition to the highly professional  and long-experienced trainer who exemplified the course in such a simple and easy way that was acceptable to all".  Another participant added "it was indeed enjoyable and fruitful. The trainer was wonderful.  The topics presented were good references to me and I do wish IMC-Jordan good luck because it truly is the best in this field".


The increasing demand to attend such courses is indicative of the recognition by big companies and participants of the importance to obtain a Certified Valuation Analyst Certificate. The CVA certificate is based on emphasizing basic elements of the process which by its success will guarantee the advancement and success of the company and meet the market requirements.  This is exactly what IMC-Jordan's main target is all about, clearly drawing a full picture for the management consultancy and training sectors in Jordan to comply with new and modern techniques and methodologies available and seek to apply them locally .



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