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IMC-Jordan Drafts Consulting Sector Criteria Documents

March 12th, 2011 Amman- The Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC–Jordan) is drafting three criteria documents developing and providing the basis for comprehensive occupational standards for the management consulting and training sector.
IMC-Jordan stated signing three specialized consultants from Jordan and Macedonia to formulate “A Classification System” database, “Best Practices,” and “Benefits of Management Consulting” documents, pointing out that they fall within the project aiming at developing the management consulting and training sector.
The JD 107,000 (Euro 117,000) project, funded by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), aims at “Expanding the Outreach and Visibility of IMC-Jordan, its Members, and their Services locally and regionally".
 “The Institute and the signed consultants continue executing the identified tasks of the project according to the set timeline,” said Dr. Hamdallah Mubarak, IMC-Jordan’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. He stressed the importance of these documents in balancing the client requirements vs. the consultant’s capabilities equation.
Dr. Hamdallah illustrated that the “Classification System” aims at building a categorized database including IMC-Jordan members and none-member consultants and trainers, both companies and individuals, according to their area of expertise. The second document, “Best Practices,” aims to set up occupational standards for management consultants and trainers, and attempts to help clients in assessing consultants’ performance and experience, while the third document highlights the benefits of the management consulting and its role in advancing the performance and capabilities of businesses.
“These documents will be the high-status reference for clients, through which they can assess the capabilities and experience of the consultant before and after contracting with them, focusing on transparency, and educated choices,” Dr. Mubarak added.
On the other hand, IMC–Jordan Executive Director, Reema Nasser emphasized the importance of concentrated awareness campaigns that would introduce establishments to the role management consulting and training sector plays in developing various other sectors, “There’s no doubt that a trained and focused management team can step over crisis easily, leading the establishment into regional and local markets. That’s where management consulting and training shines.”
She added, “The project includes awareness campaigns in Jordan and other Arab countries, supported by advertising campaigns to increase companies’ knowledge of management consulting and training role in developing the operations matrix, internally and externally. The project also includes specialized introductory workshops and trade missions, which we forecast will assist in exporting the services of this sector regionally.”
It is worth mentioning that the annual revenue of the management and financial consulting, training, and business solutions in Jordan is estimated around USD 220 million, while the Gulf markets still achieve the highest amongst the Arabs’ share. The global revenue of the sector globally is estimated at USD 250 billion.

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