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IMC-Jordan in cooperation with IFA-Lebanon offers the CVA certificate and holds training course

(Amman - Jordan, May 2008) This is the second training program for the CVA held by IMC-Jordan, and it compliments the society's aims of providing the best training programs to the business community at the hands of its specialized professional trainers.

The CVA is the only certificate offered in the field of valuation in our region. It draws its importance from the fact that it focuses on valuating private companies in the Arab World as the needs of these companies for valuation increase for sales and other purposes. Thus, enabling the certified individuals and thereof their companies to meet the increasing local and regional demand.

The curriculum of the program includes the framework on which future professional development is based, whereby the vision for all aspects of the valuation theory is presented by briefing the participants on the principles of the valuation process and the advanced technologies currently used.

The program tackled an important topic which represents the main challenge facing the valuation process, namely, using deduction and capital ratios in the global envirnoment. This part of the program deals with means of avoiding common mistakes in identifying these ratios.

The program included 35 hours of training on all aspects and techniques useful in the valuation process. Moreover, the training dealt with the complications of the valuation process, understanding issues pertaining to the availability or non-availability of conclusive evidence, and weaknesses and strengths of using different methods. Some topics included analysis of financial and economic data, comparative financial analysis, comparing international standards and common accountancy standards, estimating future revenues, sorting tax rates and distributing valuation rates, and appropriate valuation methods.

Ten participants form different companies inside and outside Jordan took part in this course, as an increasing number of companies understand the importance of this certificate and the training involved, which seeks to entrench the basic principles of the valuation process that renders success to the company tand enables it to meet market needs.

This is what the IMC-Jordan seeks to accomplish since the CVA is one of many certificates offered by the IMC-Jordan in its endeavor to draw a clear map of the training and administrative consultations community in Jordan to keep abreast with innovations and developments in modern management and discuss means of implementing it locally.

Commenting on the course, Dr Asim safieddine, executive director of the IFA-Lebanon, said: The certificate is of special importance since it focuses on valuation private companies which are abunbdantly available in the Middle East. This is in addition to the fact that it is possible to receive this certificate in a relatively short period of time in comparison with other certificate. He added: We at the IFA, are happy with our partnership with IMC-Jordan since it enables us to administer this course and other courses which enable the participants to obtain the best international certificates in an easy and practical way.

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