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IMC-Jordan Develops a Project to Support the Export of Consulting Services Regionally

Amman Funded by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), the Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC–Jordan) inaugurated a project aiming at developing the management consulting sector and strengthening its services’ exporting possibilities regionally.
IMC-Jordan launched phase one of the JD 107,000 (Euro 117,000) project. According to the project’s plan, its four phases will be concluded in 10 months. IMC – Jordan will develop a categorized database of management consulting, and training companies and individuals based on number of years of experience and areas of expertise.
In his comment, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Hamdallah Mubarak said, “We value the EU and JEDCO’s funding and support for this strategic project. We expect that it will accelerate the sector’s development tempo, doubling local and regional business opportunities for Jordanian expertise.”
Dr. Mubarak illustrated that the project came to life after a comprehensive study conducted by IMC-Jordan in 2009, funded by the EU and supported by JEDCO. The study aimed at revisiting the Institute’s strategies and tailoring them to the current economy status.
“We aimed for various vital objectives via this study, which we have integrated into a comprehensive plan that aims at strengthening IMC-Jordan and developing its members’ capabilities, to assure quality services offered to all regional and local sectors. IMC-Jordan foresaw the necessity to conduct awareness campaigns, to highlight the importance of partnering with qualified consultants,” Dr. Mubarak added.
From her side, IMC–Jordan Executive Director, Reema Nasser specified that the project consists of four major stages. The first stage will be developing a classification system for corporates and individuals existing in the management consulting and training sectors, categorized according to expertise and years of experience.
She added, “In the second and third stages, IMC-Jordan will produce and publicize two documents titled “Best Practices” and “Benefits of Management Consulting,” respectively, aiming at assisting the sector in identifying the professional criteria for management and training consultants, in addition to allowing beneficiaries a tool to evaluate the consultants’ performance.”
The final stage will include conducting and organizing field activities, specialized workshops, and trade missions in supporting the export of consulting services processes and deployment, contributing to the economy and the region’s competitiveness.

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