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IMC-Jordan's Book Club Commences its First Session

 (Amman-Jordan, May 2008) As part of the Book Club initiative lunched recently by the Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers, members of IMC-Jordan's book club got together to discuss the contents of the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people" written by Stephen R. Covey. This book is a hit with both business and personal growth audiences that continues to be a top seller nearly 15 years after its first publication. IMC-Jordan's book club is hosted at the "1000 & 1 Library" in sweifieh, the session was managed by library owner Mr. Raed Abu ALafieh.

Discussions started with a brief summary of the Book's contents followed by detailed description of each habit and its benefits to every day life. It is note worthy how much the book club members expressed their contentment with such original techniques IMC-Jordan is utilizing to bridge communication with its members. In addition, to strengthening intellectual bonds among members outside the work environment.

Stephen R. Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People" was chosen to inaugurate the book club's sessions since it is a pathway to wisdom and power. It offers a revolutionary program to breaking the patterns of self-defeating behavior that keep us from achieving our goals and reaching our fullest potential, and describes how to replace them with a principle-focused approach to problem solving. The book is a guide to both personal and professional life; it describes seven principles of life management. Targeted toward anyone who is interested in personal change, it guides you through private victory, public victory and renewal.

IMC-Jordan always seeks to offer its members a chance to develop their skills which in turn leads to the development of management consultancy   practice in the kingdom. IMC-Jordan aslo aims to create a strong sustainable communication bond with its members that would be a motive for them and for others to join. It also attempts to seek opportunities to achieve this goal and provide the latest methods for self-development to serve and develop the national economy in various fields.

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