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ICMCI newsletter July 2010

ICMCI: the internation council of management consulting institutes
Newsletter, July 2010
Chairperson’s Message - Aneeta Madhok
Dear Readers,
The contributions to e-Meridian have been coming in fast and furious. This has been such an encouraging trend that we are considering a higher frequency of publications and make it a monthly affair. So you are likely to see more of these in the coming months. I would urge all office bearers of member institutes to inform their members that they can receive the Meridian directly in their mailboxes if they register for it on the icmci.org website.
The highlight of the last two months was the visit to the United Nations by ICMCI delegation consisting of Vice Chair Francesco D’Aprile and yours truly. This picture taken inside the General Assembly shows how proud we felt to present the ICMCI voice at   the informal interactive hearing with NGO’s on our perspectives regarding the United Nation’s Millennium  Development Goals. (read more)
ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference Jordan
Aneeta MadhokIMC-Jordan is announcing the launch of the online registration for the ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference. The attached brochure will provide you with all the needed details, and visiting the following link will take you to the registration form.
Group of 30 Certified Management Consultants (CMC)s for the first time certified in Macedonia
On 11th of May, in Skopje, Macedonia over 30 Macedonian professional consultants were awarded  Certified  Management Consultant (CMC) certificates issued by the International Board of Certified Management Consultants (ICMC).  This is the first ever group of CMCs certified in Macedonia, and the largest group certified through a single training and certification intervention, worldwide. 
Ilse Ennsfennner, Aneeta Madhok, Anton Barisic, Zivko Dimov
The Chairperson of ICMCI, Ms Aneeta Madhok and Ms Ilse Ennsfellner, Austrian Vice Chairman ICMCI, were honored guests on the award ceremony. They shared their experience with the consultants and with the Macedonian Consultant Association MCA 2000 presenting total support and encouragement to the process of transformance of MCA 2000 from provisional membership to full membership at ICMCI.
The certification process was initiated by the the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)s Business Advisory Service (BAS) Programme. The Programme’s aim is to  help private enterprises solve their business problems through utilizing local consultants. Therefore, the continuous improvement of the quality of consultancy services and adopting international consultancy standards is one of the strategic goals of the Programme.
The certification process was co- organised by the USAID Competitiveness Project and the Macedonian Consultants Association MCA 2000. (read more)
Asia Pacific Hub meeting 12 and 13 August 2010
This is to inform you that the Asia Pacific Hub meeting of Trustees of ICMCI is to be held on August 12th and 13th at the Marriott Courtyard Mumbai International Airport at Mumbai, India. Click here for the invitation letter, Agenda and registration form.
All are welcome to attend and participate in the proceedings.
We look forward to welcoming you in Mumbai.
CEN Standard - by Ilse Ennsfellner
Aneeta MadhokCEN Standard Management Consultancy Services - comments also from non European countries required!
The draft of the European standard for "Management Consultancy Services" has been sent to CEN in February 2010 and is now published for public comments within a six months period. The European ICMCI members will give their comments via their national Standards Institutes. The next meeting of the PC 381 Project Committee to evaluate the comments of the draft standard is planned for December 2010. The publication of the standard is expected in 2011.
All non European ICMCI members worldwide have now the opportunity to contribute to this process of public enquiry. Please send your comments of the CEN standard "Management Consultancy Services" within the next two months, using the portal as described below. The Austrian Standards Institute provides the facility, collects the comments from non-European ICMCI members and submits them to the Project Committee.
Procedure for submitting comments: (read more)
International Consultants Day
International Consultants Day was widely celebrated. Click below to read the articles and see the wonderful photos:
View Chairperson's video message on the occassion here
Latvian market overview: personnel attraction 2010
Compared to 2008, companies used the services of personnel selection companies for search of different level employees rather slowly. Recruitment companies experienced a rapid decrease in the demand already in the second half of 2008, when due to the difficult financial conditions and lack of free labour force many employers refused from personnel selection services, conducting personnel selection on their own. The lowest point in the recruitment business was observed in spring 2009. Already at the end of the year the number of job offers stabilized and in separate export oriented industries a slight increase in demand of employees was observed.
The services of personnel selection were used mainly by the companies with foreign capital and manufacturing companies during 2009. Reacting to the low demand, the providers of personnel selection services considerably reduced the prices for selection, in the last year they have decreased by 30-40% on average.(read more)
4th CMC Event in The Netherlands / Ooa on its way with ACP
On May 27th the Ooa organized its fourth CMC event. More than 50 CMC members were present.
A few new CMC’s received their first CMC certificate from Dr. Marjo Dubbeldam CMC, member of the Ooa  board. Prof. Dr. Hans Strikwerda CMC held a lecture with the title  ‘Everything changes, does the management consultant change also?’ It was a very successful evening.
The Ooa accredited a new company and two companies will be accredited in the upcoming period. That brings the total at 7 ACP’s in the Netherlands. 
Furthermore the Ooa started a pilot for accrediting companies of the Dutch Trade Organization. An update on this subject will be published in the next Meridian.
Global CMC - update
We have now a marketing site for all CMCs called www.globalcmc.com. The site will promote all CMCs, but first all national institutes has to provide us with national CMC data and link their sites to globalcmc. Volume is important so we can recruit right partners, sponsors and other affiliates. We have now around 3000 names in the database, but still missing 6000 names. We need to attract great affiliates; therefore volume is important to make this site as a natural hub for all CMCs. 
Benefits for CMCs
The single management consultant CMC must get benefits from the site, subscription on e-library, news, events, training courses, matching and so on.  GlobalCMC will be present on all regional Hub meetings and ICMCI yearly conferences together with our partners. The national institute can even get benefit from the site through active participation by sending relevant articles for publishing, tips of new partners, regional events and more. The single CMC and the national institute can even get financial revenue by being active like above discussion.
Values for the CMC
In the end the CMC will get more services and recognitions through the globalcmc and when the market share for the CMC through globalcmc expand, we can give more values to our clients and be more profitable.
Together we are stronger – GlobalCMC.
Annual Business Award
The Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA) and the NI Region of the UK Institute of Business Consulting jointly presented their annual award for outstanding achievement to Denis Rooney CBE Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland on June 30that Belfast, in recognition of his significant contribution to co-operation on the island.
The International Fund for Ireland was set up by the Irish and British Governments in 1986 with the objectives of promoting economic and social advance and of encouraging contact, dialogue and reconciliation throughout Ireland. United States, European Union, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are contributors to the Fund.
The business award has been presented for over 20 years now, by IMCA initially and jointly with IBC NI since 2006.  The list of previous recipients is a distinguished one and includes John Hume, Mary McAleese and George Mitchell.  The newly commissioned All Ireland award aims to symbolise the strong relationships between North and South of Ireland. 
In making the presentation Martin Rice of IBC NI emphasised the key role that members of the IBC and IMCA play in the economy  “Business consultants support businesses through these tough times and now, more than ever, we are required to take the lead on the road to recovery “.
Ken Germaine, President of IMCA, said: “Denis Rooney has been instrumental in delivering change at both community and economic level in the North and South of Ireland.  This award recognises this contribution and the impact it has made on the people of Ireland” .
Captions for photo – left to right: Ken Germaine, President IMCA, Denis Rooney, Chairman International Fund for Ireland and Martin Rice, Chairman of IBC Northern Ireland branch.
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