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IMC - Jordan Signs a Collaboration Agreement with PR Launchers

Touphold its Strategies & Media Communications
IMC – Jordan Signs a Collaboration Agreement with PR Launchers
04/04/2010 Amman – The Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers IMC-Jordan signed a collaboration agreement with PR Launchers for public relations by which the later manages its media communications.
As per the agreement, PR Launchers pursues employing its expertise to serve IMC-Jordan objectives and manage their media affairs via an intricate regional and international relations.
The importance of this agreement is latent in its conjunction with IMC – Jordan being chosen to host the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference slated next September. ICMCI is a world body established to promote cooperation and coordination between the various IMC's of the world.
The chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Hamdalla Mubarak expressed his pleasure in hosting the ICMCI 2010 Annual Conference saying: “We’re glad we have been chosen to host this event in Jordan; the optimal location to reach the Management Consulting sector in the Arab world. Furthermore, IMC – Jordan is the only in the region that represents this sector on a global scale level,” emphasizing the importance of the Arab consultants’ participation as a central exigency that serves to establish the best international practices for both the sector and the Arab consultants.
Mubarak added: “In light of the technical and logistic preparations for this event, we realized the need for developing our media gateway to cover the conference news, recommendations, decisions and legislations in the local and the regional media. That is why we have chosen PR Launchers, for  we have seen the actual and practical results of their work. Their log list of distinguished media coverage for various events in the region testifies to their quality work.”
For his part, PR Launchers Managing Partner, Amjad Baker expressed his satisfaction with IMC-Jordan agreement, praising their local and regional role in supporting the wheels of development.
Baker said: “We are so proud for gaining IMC-Jordan trust and being chosen to serve them for such an important event. We know we will be up to their expectations,” affirming PR Launchers’ dedication to employing their best efforts to assist IMC-Jordan achieves its current and future objectives.
It is worth mentioning that IMC-Jordan offers various activities, including qualifying and training programs, upgrading the management consulting and training professions, training of management consultants, define standards and regulations, and create a members database. The institute also aims to certifying eligible members to the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation, with its CMC certification program which is recognized by ICMCI.

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