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IMC-Jordan to Release Set of New Services

Project Funded by The European Union in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation



[Amman, Jordan – February 2010] - IMC-Jordan (Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers of Jordan) announced that they will be releasing a new set of services for their members to effectively represent, promote, and advance the Jordanian management consulting and Training professions. The new services were the result of a project funded by the European Union in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation. Project included a Needs Assessment Survey and several focus group meetings with members.



IMC-Jordan launched the new services in a session held at the Bristol Hotel last week titled, “IMC-Jordan Services: Times Have Changed, So Have We!” The launch included a detailed presentation by Immediate past Chair of The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) Dr. Brian Ing, on the focus groups and surveys in addition to the plans for implementing these services in the upcoming three years. The session was attended by IMC-Jordan members in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Public Sector Development, representatives of the Ministry of Planning, and The Amman Chamber of Commerce as major stakeholders for IMC-Jordan.

The new suggested services will provide IMC-Jordan members with skills and know-how to tackle issues and challenges pertaining to the world economic crisis. They included: to devise a classification scheme for trainers, seek a value added e-source of knowledge that can be available to members, produce the best practice guide for clients and consultants on the use of management consultancy, as short term goals.
The following medium term goals were also identified from the results of the survey and focus groups; extending the lobbying function with the government, business and public administration associations and donor agencies, in addition to introducing a certification scheme for trainers, and to devise and implement a classification scheme for the management consultants.
Ms. Reema Nasser, Executive Director of IMC-Jordan stated, “IMC-Jordan continually re-assesses its services to ensure that we are meeting the needs and requirements of our members. We would like to thank all those who helped and supported us in achieving the long awaited survey and need assessment including our dedicated members and our funders for their support, and we hope our members will start reaping the benefits soon.”

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