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Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC-Jordan) appoints VARCC as their Public Relations Agency


Amman, Jordan, 18 February 2008- Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC-Jordan) has signed a cooperative agreement with VARCC-Arabian Communication, a specialized public relations firm. This agreement comes as IMC-Jordan recognizes the importance of applying new concepts and standards of public relations to its programs to be able to meet the evolving market of the consulting and training professions in the country.

IMC-Jordan is trying to shape up the understanding of managerial consultation and training through organizing the professions. IMC-Jordan also, offers its members a continued follow-up to keep up-to-do-date with the latest technology development and international managerial and training methods.

The Agreement was signed by Ms. Salwa Bamieh, Head of IMC-Jordan Board of Directors and Ms. Tala Abu Taha, General Manager of VARCC.

Ms. Bamieh, Head of IMC-Jordan's Board of Directors, commented "Signing this agreement with VARCC came from our belief of the necessity to utilize the latest techniques in the field of public relations which will allow VARCC to come up with a strategy to introduce IMC-Jordan activities and services to our targeted audience, the management consultants and trainers, as well as the business and local communities, and on our conviction that VARCC will offer the latest and effective available methods".  She also added that IMC-Jordan was initially established to set up the profession's standards. It also grants certificates that are internationally accredited (Certified Management Consultant - CMC). IMC-Jordan also aims to present members with opportunities to communicate with the business community world-wide and seeks to position Jordan as experts in managerial consultations and training within international standards.

On the other hand, Ms. Tala Abu Taha, VARCC Manager commented " Signing the agreement comes as a result of our conviction that VARCC is capable of fulfilling IMC-Jordan's goals to reach its future vision and to achieve success through continued and comprehensive efforts, media coverage, and strategic planning. We will do our best to offer the latest effective public relations methods, as public relations proved to be a major tool for any institution to achieve continued success".

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